1. Starex

Starex Company is the importer and distributor of CCTV whose provides the best solution in meeting the customer's requirements with the wide range of professional surveillance equipment based on the latest technology platform. Technology of starex plays an important role educating their channel partners on the latest surveillance technology information and integrated solutions.

2. Geovision

GeoVision Inc. is professional security company in Taiwan whose has 5 regional subsidiaries overseas, including Shanghai China, Tokyo Japan, Calif, the USA, Prague Czech Republic and Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company focuses on high-end video surveillance products and security solutions to meet the requirement of multi-regional customers around the world. The company specialized in network surveillance and remote monitoring for the video surveillance products can integrate with central monitoring stations, access control systems, point-of-sales, ATM, GIS and license plate recognition systems.


1. Paradox

Paradox is a Canada-based company whose products sold to and through distributors in over 100 countries. The company provides the customers with personalized service to fulfill customer's requirements and listening to their feedbacks. The company constantly refine the products and adapt to changing technologies and new standards of living for developing innovative, quality, easy to use and stand out products - both technologically and aesthetically.

Door Access

1. Soyal

Soyal is the one-card total access control system door access, parking access, elevator access and turnstile access - with simple time attendance, guard tour and alarm monitoring. Can be integrated with MAG barrier gate and MAG turnstile for the complete solution. Its unique architecture allows it to cater for the simplest stand-alone to advanced multi-reader networking application.

2. FingerTec

The brand FingerTec was born in 2000, with a visionary objective of bringing the then high-tech fingerprint technology normally used by government sector into a technology that is viable, affordable and reachable by mass commercial market. Its first 5-year plan was dedicated to the R&D incubation, mainly targeted in improving the fingerprint matching algorithm, the product's robustness and user-friendliness; in short to provide fundamentals for the brand to soar high when it was launched. Within those 5 years, FingerTec had won 3 international awards as recognitions for its technology advancement.

Lifestyle Automation

1. Enhance

ENHANCE Lifestyle Automation is developed and engineered by Starfield Electronic Group based in Hong Kong, a company that excels in the design and manufacture of electronic products and electrical components for the building and construction industry. The manufacturing expertise and R&D facilities in the hardware and software, the company proficiency are fully supported by their sister company Team Wise Electronic based in Dongguan, China, which is a major manufacturer of industrial grade electrical power supply equipment and other related products.


1. Casa Asia, Celmar, MyGate, DynaGate, AmGate

The companies are the manufacturers and exporters of automatic gate system. The company has the years of experience in manufacturing and assembling autogate system for sliding, swing and folding gate.

2. Ae Mac

The companies are the manufacturers and exporters of automatic gate system. The company has the years of experience in manufacturing and assembling autogate system for sliding, swing and folding gate.


1. NEC

NEC Company provides of End-to-End Independent Integrated IT Solutions & Services, Multimedia Products, Total Display Solutions, Telephone, Network System & Communication products. To achieve "Everyone values safety, security, efficiency and equality" ideas for customers and society, NEC deploys its highly reliable, high-performance ICT assets, including next-generation networks, IT infrastructure, and authentication and sensing technology.


1. Level One

Level One is headquartered in Dortmund, Germany by Digital Data Communications GmbH. The company provides quality networking product and solutions and grown steadily throughout the years with Branch Offices in 20 countries around the world. The company production, development, distribution and logistics centers are growing in number and setting new quality standards throughout the world with powerful and recognizable brand names.